Thursday, February 5, 2009

Only something with as great a magnitude of ridiculousness as the Kitty Half Time Show could shock me out of my blog-coma this time.

Here it is:

Every single one of those cats is like WT-BLOODY-F IS GOING ON.

It just reminds me of why I love cats. The puppies that participated in the Animal Planet Puppy bowl were so oblivious to the fact that they were being poked fun at. Whats this you say? You want us to romp around on a fake football field for an hour? There are toys involved? The kitties however...they had the right idea. In the first place, there is no way Animal Planet could get kitties to stand for this nonsense for any longer than they did, hence the kitty HALFTIME. Second, look at all these kittehs. They all look shell s hocked. Every once in a while the camera zooms in on a kitty in the midst of a plaintive cry for help. Of course you can't hear it because of the krazy kitty music they're playing in the background.


In other news: I'M ENGAGED!!@#. I would post a picture of the ring but I can't find my camera card for my big camera. I would take one with the camera at work but my ring is being sized. Wedding plans are already progressing nicely, but I don't feel like typing about it. Theres nothing funny or really interesting about planning a wedding unless you're in it.