Tuesday, January 6, 2009


You know what I think? If you don't have anything to write about, take half a month off. Now that I've sufficiently restocked the number of life experiences that I don't mention on my blog, I can write again.


Where to start, wheeerrre to start...oh yes, Christmas. Christmas was....christmas-y. That's about all there is to it. I baked 5 dozen cookies and ate a lot of pork. This year my little cousin had his muslim friend stay over for Christmas and New Years. Poor kid, he must think we eat nothing but pork, all day long. Sausage in the breakfast casserole, ham sandwiches for lunch, christmas ham for dinner, leftover ham for snacks, ham candy, ham popsicles, ham cookies, ham in our stockings...you get the point. There was even pork in the delicious meatloaf that my mother made especially for him on Christmas eve. Being the heathens that we are we debated even telling him, but being the questioning agnostics that we are, we considered the possibility that maybe pork IS sinful, and didn't want to risk his soul for a little meatloaf.

I got good presents:

a super nice camera lens
a kindle so I don't have to haul books around when I travel
a bike from C
a gorgeous pie plate from poland from Callie
other odds n ends that I don't feel like typing out

I gave good presents:

ex libris stamps for my dad and sammie pie that i designed myself
a $100 mood gift certificate for my mom and a cool quilt pattern
a box from poland for callie for her earrings*
a blender, some cologne and something else that i cant remember for C
a wallet and $20 bucks for john vernon**
something for jessica that i cant put on here because i havent given it to her
a GPS for C's parents***
a diamond necklace for C's sister****
some beer steins for C's other sister

*no, we did not consult with each other beforehand on the topic of whether or not to both purchase gifts for each other from Poland. We're just cool like that.
**I thought long and hard before buying this potentially lame gift and then I thought...he's fifteen, what could be better than $20 bucks?
***went in with his sister and her fiance and C. C'mon, I'm not THAT rich nice.
****it was on deep dark "please take this from us" clearance. also, not that nice.


Then for New Years we went to the godforsaken frozen north Wisconsin to visit C's family. It was...cold. C thought it would be a great idea to bring Olibur Finwik, even though there was two feet of snow and he is only 1.9 feet tall. Not so much. The first thing he did when we got to my probably future in laws house is run around to every room like a maniac for about five minutes, finishing his romp off by pooping in the house while running.

Great. 20 years from now they will still be talking about when my dog came and left a trail of poop in their house for Christmas.

Then we tossed him outside where he proceeded to pee on the screen door and poop on the welcome mat, refusing to touch his porcelain ass to the snow. Finally, on our last day there he peed on the carpeted stairs.

Anyway, aside from that New Years was great.


When I came back to work, the first thing I did was check my email, and then I entered fifty or so sweepstakes. That can be my new years resolution: Win Sweepstakes.

Heres a (partially) comprehensive list of what I could win!

  • A trip for two to the North Pole!
  • A trip to Montana
  • A trip to Branson
  • Eight Vera Wang Bridesmaids dresses
  • A trip to Ancestral Scotland
  • A West Virginia getaway!
  • Some super expensive baseball bats for C
  • A couple diamond rings.
  • combined approximately 2 million dollars
  • trip to disney world
  • a fifty thousand dollar wedding
  • a wood cutting machine
  • two sweeps with Hasbro and hellmans mayonnaise that i don't remember the prize for
  • a new set of pots and pans
  • a nice casserole pan
  • a motocross bike.
  • a fifty thousand dollar car.
  • some other stuff i can't remember.

I started this post right after Christmas and now it's like a month later and I'm going to finish it by god.

Is it sad that when I added the "people I'm related to" application on facebook, it showed about ten people that I have never even HEARD of in the "possible relatives" section? Possible relatives meaning I have at least one relative in common with them. Maybe I should get home more...OR maybe my second and third cousins should stop marrying and having babies at such an alarming rate.

I think thats a good place to end things....


network said...

I went to this place last year and thought it was the best place I had ever stayed! Check out Branson vacation for yourself!

Jessica said...

what is pholo? i googled it and all that came up was an iphone application....I'm kunfewzd.