Sunday, May 17, 2009

So I haven't felt like being an exhibitionist lately...

....well? I haven't. At work, I started to write again on my lunch break...a couple entries here and there. I haven't gotten around to posting them though. Here's the first one (and the most important since it basically recaps the events that have taken place since my little blog sabbatical):

Ok, every once in a while I get sick of my blog and move on for a while. Obviously this was one of those times. It just so happened that I moved on during a PARTICULARLY eventful time in my life, so it makes me sad to look at my blog now and see that the latest update about my life is about the Kitty Half Time.

In March I got laid off. It’s ok, I didn’t like the bathrooms at the firm anyway, and I hated making nametags. HATED IT. Here’s how it went down:

  1. The Firm calls a mass meeting to tell us we’re laid off.
  2. Here is what I was thinking during the meeting: “SHIT.”
  3. They tell me my lay off is effective the next day and I tell them there is no way in hell I’m going back to my desk…now…or EVER.
  4. …so, I get in my car and punch my steering wheel and cry for like ten minutes on the phone to my mom…
  5. …and for ten more minutes at the mall on Colin’s shoulder.
  6. I go home and apply for grad school…
  7. …but then get freaked out about student loans, so I apply for jobs as well.
  8. I sit around for about a month (in hindsight, this was awesome)
  9. …and then get hired by a new, better company.
Yep, that’s right, I got another job. Within a month. MIRACLE. The only downsides to this job are:
  1. My cubicle has no window L. I know, boo hoo, poor kate.
  2. It is one (1)(uno)(un) HOUR from where I live. That’s two (2)(dos)(deux) hours in the car EVERY DAY. I never in a million years thought I would listen to as much morning radio as I do now. I even have thought about calling in a couple times because why SHOULDN’T I be part of the discussion? I mean, I’m listening every damn day, I feel like sometimes the morning show should hire me.
  3. They do not provide me with free plastic dishes and silverware. Or subsidized snacks and sodas.
  4. Stupid handles on the bathroom doors. I will attempt to take a picture later, surreptitiously, with my phone.

They do, however, provide me with the following:

  1. The opportunity not to blow my diet on 25c snacks and sodas.
  2. A better salary
  3. Cooler people who do not talk about their children ALL DAY.
  4. ‘Cause some of them don’t even HAVE children, which is nice.
  5. More work and more responsibility, so I only have time to update my blog during my lunch hour.
  6. A reason to move to the outskirts of St. Louis
  7. Way nicer building
  8. No window IN my cubicle, but the window BY my cubicle looks onto a lake, and not a brick wall.
  9. If there is a terrorist attack on downtown St. Louis, I will not be the first to go.
  10. Way better parking situation
  11. Way better boss/delegation
  12. More jeans days
  13. A coat hook that came WITH MY CUBICLE.

Things the Firm gave me:

  1. a month off
  2. severance pay

Ok, lots of other things. It’s a way better situation.


My other big news is that I finally got my engagement ring!!!!!! I know, this happened like three months ago, but in thinking about it, I decided that maybe the only thing my future children will want to read about on my blog (future daughters, anyway) is my engagement and wedding. Probably about their births and the trials and tribulations of our early marriage before they came along, as well.

For now, all I have to really talk about is wedding planning. It is probably a good thing that I did not update my blog when I was in the initial phase of wedding planning.

Let’s discuss how my wedding is still ten months away, and I have already made it through the “initial phase of wedding planning”. Some normally adjusted women might not have even started planning at ten months out, or at the very least would have JUST started planning. NOT ME. I am finished planning, save for the cake. Yep, that’s right, the cake is the only thing I have left to plan in my wedding, which is in March of next year.

So, that’s why I think it’s probably best that I didn’t update when I was furiously planning every detail of my wedding in a single two-month span. At that time, the only thing interesting about me was how crazy I was. Anyway, I can sum up the whole wedding planning experience in one post, instead of the two months worth of daily posts it would have required back then:

  1. I booked a reception hall (which subsequently required me to book a caterer) and a ceremony location.
  2. I asked my grandfather to officiate.
  3. I bought a dress. This experience is still resonating “crazy” in the world of Kate because I have a picture of said dress on my cubicle wall. Mostly to remind me to STOP EATING.
  4. I made mock invitations. OK, heres the thing. I would love to just ORDER invitations. However, I feel like if I do not make them myselves I will be judged. Still, my mock invitation took about three milliseconds of design skill, so perhaps I will be judged anyway.
  5. I picked out bridesmaid dresses
  6. In a particularly intense wave of crazy, I made a playlist for my wedding reception. Which resulted in a minor discussion between C and I over whether or not it was appropriate to play Tupac.
  7. My mother and I booked a florist. I’m not entirely convinced my mother didn’t book him more because he was a fabulous gay man and less because he is also a fabulous flower designer.
  8. We booked a photographer who is the BOMB DIGGITY.

That's as far as I got on my lunch break. Today I haven't been feeling very upbeat so reading my upbeat journal entry makes me a little more disphoric than I already was, and less inclined to write more.

I intended to post pictures of all the wedding stuff, but I'm feeling a little burnt out on weddings lately. I dunno why...maybe because it just seems like it's so far away. I think that's a good sign to put it on the back burner for a while, anyway.

Ok, gonna go cook dinner. I promise I'll update more, blog. I'm sure my future children will thank me not to write only about my cubicle, skipping the important, exciting moments.