Monday, August 11, 2008


Can it be fall now? Please please please please please PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE? Today the weather is some kind of otherworldly level of gorgeous, even though its the middle of August. It's clear blue and breezy enough to feel like fall is just around the corner, even though my mind says that this is clearly some sort of matrix-like illusion and it's really 178 degrees outside. Things SHOULD be bursting into flames and turning into piles of ash on the streets and instead i feel like i should be bundling up and doing something fall-y...liiiiike carving a pumpkin or hiking or something.

If I could instantly be transported to anywhere on earth (*edited for accuracy), here is the list of where I would go.
1. The Vatican Vaults (unfortunately, there are no pictures of said vaults so I used my graphic design powers to imagine what it might look like)

2. Outer Space: (provided I was outfitted properly)

3. Rural Great Britain:

4. Big Sky Country:

5. Annnnnnnnnnd this lodge, in Branson MO:

You don't know how much I need to be sitting on those porches and drinking some hot cocoa frolicking in the leaves. You just don't know.