Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Katie Rose...has overcome her writers block.

I so phased out for a while. You know what's pathetic? I actually felt guilty for leaving my newborn blog all alone and un-updated for all that time. I guess I just wasn't ready to commit. It is sort of odd how my desire to write came rushing back though. I mean, just two minutes ago I was standing at the paper cutter, cutting 150 teeny tiny tags to be tied around customized firm sunscreen, now I'm all hot to trot for writing in my blog.


One of the things I've noticed that I do a lot at work is go to the bathroom. Never before has the bathroom been such a haven. I don't know for sure, but I think I may subconsciously drink approximately 12 times as much as I do at home in order to legitimately have an excuse to go to the bathroom about every hour.

This bathroom talk has reminded me of what is perhaps a major discrepancy in the moral compass of our office, as a whole. That discrepancy concerns: The Handicap Stall. In my frequent trips to the bathroom to kick back and relax, I've noticed that there is a quiet, desperate war being waged in my office for the handicap stall. I've noticed women waiting when the other stalls are empty so they can use it. Luckily there are no handicapped people on my floor, that I know of, and thats probably for the best, because I don't think these women are going to defer to anyone as unimportant as a legitimate handicapped person any time soon.

My last bathroom observation (then I swear I'm done) concerns hand-washing. See, I have this phobia that someone in the bathroom will catch me not washing my hands when I'm finished, which I usually do...if I'm actually using the bathroom. You have no idea the mental anguish that I go through when I'm sitting in the stall, texting away or reading a book or sewing on a button, and some secretary comes in to do her thing. NOW WHAT? Usually I try to wait the other person out, but if that doesn't work I'm stuck in my little bathroom charade, making a fake flush and fake rustling my clothes around, and if I'm lucky enough to have gotten the handicap stall, fake washing my hands in the sink.


Well, off to finish work, because it's almost five!!!!!!!!