Friday, April 30, 2004

i dont know whats wrong with me. it just seems that lately, especially in the past few weeks, i have just been majorly BLAH. I remember that i used to have interests, i used to enjoy so many things that i just seem to have no interest in anymore. I guess this is what they call a "rut". i mean, i dont even have books that i like to read anymore. I can't keep my attention on anything for more then about five seconds unless it's really important. My room is trashed and I just cant bring myself to be motivated enough to clean it. i couldnt even bring myself to shower today. I don't feel enriched or intelligent at the moment and last night i couldnt think of any words in the alphabet game. Even my vocabulary has gone downhill.

I need an english class, and a good one, and badly.

I need to be good at something again besides being funny.

I'm going to harbison and im going to purchase either A. a long ass book, preferably one of a ridiculously long series or B. some sort of craft or something. i mean, this is getting ridiculous. the sitting on the ass, i mean. There is only so much studying for theory that i can take.

PS: then im going to watch a movie in a theatre, because hey, old habits die hard.
PPS: i wish i wasnt so sick the week before my juries. That would make me happy.
PPPS: i'm a capstone girl officially. one more blessed year in the dorms, gosh im so happy i could pee my pants. Note dripping acidic sarcasm.