Thursday, September 18, 2008



I keep having this recurring dream (as in, I've had it three times now) where C and I are given a mechanical baby to see if we'll be good parents. It's very realistic, ok?! Anyway, in the dream I keep forgetting to feed and change the baby. That's were expecting something more interesting?

Also, last night I did NOT have the baby dream, but I did dream that I had to do portraits of an ugly girl in the dark. Trust me, as a portrait person, that's as bad as it gets. And it was very realistic...I woke up thinking "I HAVE GOT TO EDIT THOSE PICTURES." Not a good way to start your day.


Over the weekend I used that compound W stuff to burn off the wart abomination on my hand and now it looks like something straight out of the book of revelations. I'm telling you, it's rough. This is the SECOND time I have attempted to singe this thing off my hand to no avail. Oh, of course it gets smaller every time. It "retreats" for a while, if you will, but let me tell you, it only retreats in order to formulate a new plan of attack and regain it's strength because it is STILL NOT GONE. I have (probably) scarred my hand for a very long time and for WHAT?

I wish I had thought to document my problems on camera, because that would have made this post a lot more interesting, but for posterity's sake, I've taken a picture of it now...after two burnings and two fairly painful and disgusting blisters...

Of course I edited it (duh?) because I am a photography dork and the work camera is painfully outdated and stupid and fat and ugly and takes horrible pictures. So the end result is that this looks a little worse than it does in real life. BUT ONLY A LITTLE WORSE! And do you see the white dot in the middle there? Do you see it?! That's a pretty big damn wart for one thats been singed off (literally, the process involves a singeing noise that is, when typed out, literally this: "psssssssssssssssssss") twice. Twice I gave myself frostbite and this is what I get. The opportunity to do it a third, glorious time.


In other news I also have PMS and hate the following:

  • my sweater
  • my cubicle
  • paper
  • Windows XP
  • Microsoft Office 2002
  • anything that is not a snickers bar.