Thursday, July 24, 2008

cant be bothered

Today I got to "escape" work and go to the gynecologist. Yippee! I guess I'm finally getting around to that "important" list of things to do with my money that I posted a while back. Anyway, I went in there with guns-a-blazin, fully intending to demand an IUD, since I hate birth control that requires me to do...anything. I just want it to sit up there and do what it's supposed to until I decide to reproduce. I can't deal with this "take a pill once a day at 1:57.09 p.m. shit. As you can probably guess I didn't even get around to suggesting the IUD and they put me right back on the ring. I can sort of already see where this is going:

1. Dr. puts me on the ring.
2. I get frustrated with it because it falls out all the time.
3. I have a couple panic attacks about being pregnant because I forget to put it back in or something. Not that this is any different than my normal monthly panic attack about pregnancy.
4. I stop taking it altogether because I run out of my trial pack and hate it so much that I don't want to get my prescription filled.
5. I go back to the dr. to complain and she tells me i need to try the ring. (see step one)

Maybe everything about the ring is circular and unending.