Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June 5, 2007

10 Things that suck about today so far:
1. I had a test that I wasn't ready for.
2. My house is a wreck because I'm not done putting crap from moving up.
3. My washer and dryer don't work, and the contractor is NOT here to finish the work he should have finished waaaay back in March.
4. I had to take the Uhaul back myself and ALMOST had to take a damn taxi. A taxi for gods sake. You know, one of those cars that requires you to pay for a ride.
5. I had to pay seventy dollars out of my own pocket for gas for said Uhaul.
6. I have to wait for the contractor who may or may not decide to get his lazy, incompetent god fearing ass over here this afternoon like he said he would.
7. My dog's got out.
8. I have no dog or cat food so I have to go spend MORE money to buy cat food for all three cats and dog food in apocalyptic amounts.
9. I have no stamps to send my distance education homework. (=more money.)
10. My family is moving away from me in four days and for those of you who are wondering, I'm waaay more upset about it then I'm letting on. Way more.
11. Bonus Problem: My dogs are barking incessantly for some reason.