Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Ill just go and repeat myself (funny, when i say "repeat myself" i think automatically of the phrase "repeat the sounding joy" which is conclusive evidence that choir controls my soul): if there is a hell, then this week, this day and tommorow and the next day and hell, the next week are it. Should I really screw up, should I not follow my spiritual path to its natural end, then I will go to hell, and for all of eternity, i will A) lack the companionship of my maker, and B) have to study for final exams. Then C) I will fail all of my exams and the week will start over with the four hour rehearsal we had on sunday night from seven to eleven that shot my voice for juries, with my lesson today and the subsequent ten hours of studying that followed, with my voice jury which may or may not go off without a hitch, and subsequent studying. And add in, about tuesday, the fact that I have NOT prepared an essay for my english exam. and then just go ahead and add in the fact that I will be taking exams all of thursday and friday. and the weekend from hell that i get to look forward to, in which i stress out and panic all weekend about my math exam, but dont really do anything about it until the last minute (not for lack of trying...). Finally, the actual math exam which I will undoubtedly get a C on, and then to finish me off, my having to pack my room up and move out, and leave my roommate and best freind for a different school. The only bright spot in my week is the enormous taco bell run that my soon to be ex roommate and i are planning as soon as she gets back from her chemistry session (oh yeah, add in the fact that none of my teachers planned a study session for ANY of my subjects.) THAT is what hell will be like. Now Im going to go memorize the other half of the three hundred odd notecards that I have prepared for biology, and then maybe ill start my english paper and memorize all of the birth and death dates of every major author from the beginning of time.
Heather just put perfume on from across the room, and now i can smell it...mmmm diffusion...biology controls my life now. I wish something spectacular would happen, like an asteroid would hit my dorm, more specifically, my room.