Tuesday, December 9, 2003

exactly one year ago today, this was my life...
AHH im so behind 12/9/2002
im so behind in english. I need to plead insanity to mr. franks and get him to print out another test for me, either that or just sneak into his office and print one out myself. I think ill try the first one first. I had done most of the former test he printed out but its gone the way of a lot of things in my room and i no longer know where it is.

I AM SO SICK OF SOME THINGS. I just want to go to college, i really do, and i dont want anyone i know to go to the same college as me. Fat chance, right? WE're all applying to the SAME DAMN COLLEGES because we live together and everyone gets ideas for college off of everyone else. Dammit. I just want to go home for chrismas break so i dont kill people. I dont wanna go to jail.....


my fish tank is leaking. The big one with all of the fish in it...not little champ's tank, thank god. But anastasia and rawhide and sheba and jude law II are in mortal danger!@##^&^*$^*(#@$%*!$)%*!#$)!#@$!)@#$* i fear for their lives so i woke emily chapman up (i dont think she was happy...) and bummed some duck tape and now the tank is ugly and still leaking but not quite as bad. AASDADFJAD. that and the water is too cold for my fish, so they wont eat. dammit. If i can eat when its cold outside why cant they?@#

an hour and a half later.... 12/9/2002
WOO HOO. im not as behind in english as i thought and that pleases me greatly. hes not grading the essays i had to make up so now its just the test. and im almost done with my applications because we did absolutely nothing in english today. YEA! well.
now im going to go make sure my fish arent dying on my floor because the tank leaked all over the place.