Tuesday, August 26, 2003

the sauna

I told you I wouldnt write until school started, and I didnt lie. Had my first college course ever today, Biology, and we covered the scientific method. Maybe this is how all freshman college classes start, reviewing material we covered in middle school. I can only hope. It is so freaking hot in charleston. Its not the dry/humid heat that is summerville, or the totally dry heat that is greenville. Its like total moisture down here. You just melt. It makes the heat just that more unbearable. The only way to be completely comfortable is to sit in your dorm room in nothing but a bra or something, and that can only be done if theres no-one around. Whatever. Had my choir auditions and voice lesson auditions yesterday and I think they went well. Screwed up my sight singing, which is DUMB because im REALLY GOOD at sight singing. Oh well. I dont care what choir I get into as long as I get into a choir. As for voice lessons, I could go either way. No voice lessons means that I dont have to practice on top of everything else, Voice lessons means that I get to sing, and I do love to sing. Voice lessons also means that I have a whopping twenty hours, and that is nothing to sneeze at. Was almost late to my first class today. Thought it was in the science builing but apparently not. Me being me, I forgot my schedual, thinking id just go to the science building and it would be ok. WELL MY CLASS ISNT IN THE SCIENCE BUILDING!@# I had to run all the way back to my dorm in a skirt and heels, and thats a while away in the broiling heat. And I had to take six flights of stairs two at a time to make it, and the stair well is hotter than outside. The elevator takes five hundred hours. I swear, this dorm is so ghetto. Then I had to take six flights of stairs two at a time on the way down, and run to the right building. I looked like hell when I got there, and the teacher was twenty minutes late, so I could have taken my time. BUT, I did manage to do all of that in ten minutes flat, so at least I know I can do it now. Jeez you would think that Biology would be in the science building wouldnt you...whoda thunk? Oh well.
I guess ill put my shirt back on now and turn the fan down. Im suitably cooled off. I think my body temperature was like ten thousand degrees. More later...