Wednesday, August 27, 2003

images for today

Church bells ringing over and over in the evening for somebody's funeral. The procession on the street. Mourners sweating in black, and hunched over in the heat and I suppose, in retrospect, sadness.

The harbor in the distance while i'm standing on the balcony looking down Calhoun St. Water looks like the light at the end of the tunnel, and I just want to run down there and jump in.

My ice cream cone, melting as soon as I step outside.

The car alarm outside. Someone turn it off, Dammit.

Yelling on the street. Sometimes its hard to forget that I live in this real live city, one that actually doesnt sleep.

Boys outside my room trying to be manly via a push up contest in the hall way. (???)

God, its like a sauna in here. I feel like im in a damn jungle. This is a different kind of heat. One you can breathe in and taste on your tongue. One you can almost drink.

The sea breeze that comes down King St, praise the Lord.

How much I crave music now that i've attempted to leave it partially behind me. Why cant I just shut it out?! It would surely make my life so much easier. Things to think about...