Friday, December 12, 2008

PS: Lately, I'm so irritated by this one blog that I used to read and love. At first I thought she was just a smart, snarky MomBlogger. Sure she was desperate for attention, what blogger isn't really desperate for attention deep down? Lately she's been putting together this book filled with funny entries from blogs and she actually posted an entry where she asked her friends to tell her what her funniest post was. The desperate for attention part is ok until you actually straight up are acting desperate on your blog.

I guess I just expect more than "Here, read this post that I think is hilarious AGAIN. Haha aren't I the funniest person ever?!" from a blog that has thousands of readers. Isn't tooting your own horn against the Bible or something. I think I remember this verse:

1 Jes. 2-4:
"Verily I say unto you, thou shalt not tooteth thyne owne horne.
Nor the horne of thyne neighbor.
Nor the horne of thyne wyfe.
Nor the horne of thyne childryn."


Gah. It's time for the office holiday party. GET EXCITED, KATE. No really, try to get excited.