Saturday, December 20, 2008

hurray, it's the holidays.

Today the mac went into a little tiny coma. Needless to say I immediately went into OMG mode and hauled its little computer butt out to the counties to the Apple Genius Bar to have it "diagnosed", the problem being that it refused to boot up past a certain point. 

All its troubles were miles away, however, after I hauled it into the store in the freezing cold and braved the mall the Saturday before Christmas. The nice, hip/harassed-looking apple genius (his shirt proclaiming: "If I were a reindeer, I'd be fixen") plugged it in and turned it on and it made a joyful little noise and booted up faster than I'd ever seen it boot in it's life. 

So...thats great. It's back at home now after it's car ride and journey to the mall. 


I though I had all my Christmas shopping done but people keep giving me presents at the last minute, leaving me having to lie about where THEIR present is. 

"Oh, your present is coming in the mail. It's very exciting! I ordered it from Poland." 

I DID order some of my christmas presents from an online store called "POLStore" which sells polish souvenirs to people who are too broke to actually visit. Best believe I've been letting the people who got Polstore gifts know that THEIR gift did actually come from Poland, even though the postmark is Poughkeepsie, NY. Some people I lie to, however, which leaves me in a position of having to find something to give them that looks like it might have actually come from eastern europe and not from the mall. 

You never want to tell people that they weren't on your gift list to begin with. This happened to C and I a week or two ago, when we got a present for someone we hadn't even CONSIDERED buying one for. Early in the season we vowed to seek out people we didn't want to spend money on and have The Conversation with them. You know The Conversation, it goes like this: 

"Hey, times are tough, why don't we just go out for drinks or something in lieu of presents." 

But, we got lazy. The weeks just flew by and we never had The Conversation and then one day a present arrived in the mail. C found it and called me at work to tell me. He sounded about as bummed as any human being can get after receiving a gift in the mail. "You'll never guess who just sent us a present." he said. I already knew...our list of People We Don't Love Enough To Buy Presents For is pretty small, all things considered. "Awww dammit! What are we going to do now?" 

I think this puts us pretty squarely in the scrooge category for 2008. To make up for it we spent a lot of money on everyone who DID make the list. I guess in hindsight we could have spread the wealth but ah well. 

Well, ya'll, I have done absolutely nothing of any significance today and I think I'm going to cap it off by reading my new book in the bathtub for a while. Cheers!