Monday, August 4, 2008

a smattering of things

This weekend we went to Oshkosh for the airshow, and I will admit that I went with very low expectations about my enjoyment level, because honestly Kate + Airplanes (quite often) = clutching the hand of the fat stranger in the seat next to me. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised, because it was quite a good time.


The Red Cross is holding a blood drive this year in my building and I have several factors to consider while I decide whether or not to participate. LIST TIME.

1. I have a rare-ish blood type, despite what the impertinent nurse-in-training waiter said at TGI Fridays when he overheard me bragging about my rare-ish blood. Maybe that guy should spend less time in his nursing school text books and more time looking up blood types on wikipedia.
2. Super fun way to spend your lunch break!
3. I get a free ice cream cone from dairy queen.
4. I get a free ice cream cone from dairy queen.
5. I get a free ice cream cone from dairy queen.

1. Needles.
2. I might will definitely pass the fuck out.
3. Giving blood blows because that shit hurts.
4. I will not get a free t-shirt like I used to in college.
5. Thinking about it will totally ruin the first half of my Wednesday.

So there you have it, I guess I have some serious thinking to do.


C and I went to some dive-y Chinese restaurant for lunch. Somewhat expectedly, it was chock full of secretarial pools in all shapes and sizes. In fact, the only people in there that were NOT in the secretarial pool were C and me, and one other couple who had recently won the Intergalactic Most Annoying People Ever 2008 contest.

I guess for the talent portion of IMAPE2008, they just sat there and bitched about how hard it was to date and how all the men and women they dated were total losers. Loudly. Anyway, script time:

MAN (thin, pocket-protected glasses clad pleated pants): so after we ate I asked this chick what she wanted to do, and i gave her a whole list and she said, 'I dunno, you decide' so I just took her home because she obviously didn't know what she wnated to do and she was SO UPSET with me! what was her problem anyway?
WOMAN (mousy, wearing metallic shirt with shoulder pads): omigod! what a bitch!
why are some girls so needy?

Anyway, it went on and on with stories like this until they finally, FINALLY left, leaving me thanking every available deity that I no longer had to potentially date men like that.

First of all, that womans problem was that she was obviously out on a date with someone who didn't have a big enough dick to decide where to go. And whatever, that shiny mousy bi-atch would totally do the same thing.


Maybe more later...