Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21, 2007

So I broke down and did it. I bought Cliniques 3 Step Skin Care kit for thirty something dollars, and then in the same swipe I purchased Cliniques Advanced "Stop Signs" which targets line and dark spots. Ok, well I really only wanted the shit that takes the blotchyness out of my face, but the lady at teh counter told me a very sad story about how her mother used the Advanced "Stop Signs" which targets lines and dark spots without using Clinque 3 Step Skin Care kit, and the aforementioned did not work.

"I wouldn't want to send you home with a forty dollar product that didn't work" she said.

"Oh, and I appreciate it." I replied. Gosh, it was so nice of her to get me my moneys worth!

But seriously, I've read in other reputable beauty mags (theres an oxymoron for you) that if you use the same product line for all your skin care needs, you will get better results. And Cosmo wasn't even TRYING to sell me seventy dollars worth of skin care, they were just getting me "in the know."

Anyway, all this stems from the fact that my normally flawless skin looks like SHIT lately. I can't handle it. It's worth a fifth of my paycheck to fix it, because when it comes to skin care, I've never had to care, and so now I'm completely clueless. Thank you, Clinique lady, for at least making me feel better and proactive about taking care of my skin.