Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Ok, so its quasi christmas morning, and quasi christmas eve. translation: I CANT SLEEP. 2000 and change years ago around this time, christ was born. Maybe thats my problem, my soul is pickin up good vibrations, there was a disturbance in the force around this time two thousand years ago. Maybe its the fact that im jet lagged, only by an hour, but youre over it. Maybe, deep down, im still ten, and enticed by the christmas tree and the presents downstairs.
Its not cold here, and im dissapointed.
I got ANOTHER acceptance packet from USC. yeesh i get the point guys.
you know youre a soprano when: your relatives ask you to start the ritual singing of "silent night" and you start so high that no one but you can hit half the notes. make that three quarters of the notes. sigh.
im officially on a diet until school starts. in theory, two weeks without indulging myself shouldnt be torture. I mean, its not like im STARVING...ok maybe i am.
for once, i have no clue what im getting for christmas. maybe a pony. that would be exciting.