Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Ok so I had the MOST disturbing dream last night that I have ever had. I dreamed that I had an hour before music history class, and I ran into the teacher (who was not Dr. Hamilton, but my old algebra teacher from my old highschool) who told me that we had a huge test and a huge paper due in an hour, and also we had to know how to play the first couple pages of this sonata. and surprise, I didnt know about the test, I havent done the paper, and the Lord and my govies know that I probably dont know the sonata. My teacher asks me what my paper is on, and I have to make up a topic on the spot because I dont want him to know that I havent started it yet. And for some reason, the topic I pick is "Why do people commit suicide?". In my dream, it is of course a topic that there is no research on, and as the class draws nearer, I cannot start this paper. I wake up thirty minutes before this huge paper that I cant find information on is due, where I havent studied for the test, and i'm going to have to sight read the sonata. I assure you, it was disturbing.